How to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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Use this page to search for posts that deal at some length with particular Bible passages. New Testament books are listed first. Currently it’s not possible to exclude books from the list that have no references, so occasionally you may come up with nothing.
1:20 The Holy Spirit 1: Conceived by the Holy Spirit 16 Feb 2012
1:20 More on the virgin conception 23 Feb 2012
1:23 The conception of Jesus, Trinity, and the search for an appropriate metaphysics: it’s nearly Christmas, after all 18 Dec 2012
1:23 Some dull but seasonal reflections on the historical context for the fulfilment of the Immanuel prophecy 21 Dec 2012
1:23 Theological hermeneutics and the meaning of “Immanuel” 29 Apr 2016
1:23 Are Immanuel and Wonderful-Counselor-Mighty-God-Everlasting-Father-Prince-of-Peace the same person? 20 Dec 2012
2:15 Out of Egypt I called my son: the rabbit in the hat trick 24 Jun 2011
2:15 The conception of Jesus, Trinity, and the search for an appropriate metaphysics: it’s nearly Christmas, after all 18 Dec 2012
3:7 John the Baptist and the wrath to come 13 Oct 2016
3:9 Did Jesus believe that Gentiles would be included in the renewed people of God? 17 Oct 2017
3:11-12 The Holy Spirit 2: He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire 19 Feb 2012
3:16-17 The Holy Spirit 3: This is my beloved Son 21 Feb 2012
3:17 Was Jesus an adopted Son? 7 Jun 2017
4:8 Origen, Jesus, and the kingdoms of the world (in narrative-historical perspective) 6 Jun 2014
5:1-12 Blessed are the narrative-historical interpreters: preaching the Beatitudes 23 May 2016
5:3-11 The community of the Beatitudes and the restoration of creation 24 Oct 2010
5:4 Blessed are those who mourn in Western Europe 26 Jun 2018
5:5 The meek shall inherit the land: an exercise in hermeneutical restraint 11 Mar 2014
5:5 As Scot McKnight says, the meek ought to have inherited the land 21 Oct 2016
5:17-30 Justice, justification, Jesus, Jerusalem, and the hell of fire 27 Sep 2016
5:19 In what sense are we "bound to what the New Testament teaches"? 12 Jul 2012
5:21-22 Why would being rude to someone get you thrown into the hell of fire? 26 Nov 2019
5:43-48 Should we still love our enemies? 21 Jun 2012
6:9-13 How would Jesus teach the church to pray today? 15 Feb 2018
6:9-13 Why the Lord’s Prayer should be banned in cinemas 23 Nov 2015
6:9-13 Learning from Daniel’s prayer of confession 30 Jul 2019
6:13 Lead us not into temptation 3 Nov 2015
6:13 Do not lead us into temptation: a mistranslation according to the Pope 8 Dec 2017
6:33 Kingdom texts that don’t fit the paradigm? 10 Sep 2014
7:21-23 Not all who say, “Lord, Lord”, know what they’re talking about 22 Aug 2017